Why I love jailbreaking my iPhone

Jailbreak your iPhone – What are the benefits?

Have you even jailbroken your iPhone? Are you aware of the hundreds of benefits you can get from jailbreaking your iPhone?

Before explaining you why jailbreak is essential for your iPhone, you must first know what jailbreaking is!

Did you know that Apple does not allow its devices to use other applications than the ones that are on AppStore? Some applications like BetteryLifePro can only be found in a “rival” store, which is called Cydia. Cydia application contains all third-party applications, and some of those can be found either free or in a very low price! So jailbreak means, if you are familiar with linux terminology, to get root access to your device. Be able to do whatever you want to your device, and go as far as your hardware allows you!

Why Jailbreak is beneficial for my iPhone?

As I said, you can use Cydia AND AppStore to download and install applications. Many developers that release their applications to Cydia, can enable certain hardware parts of your device that can actually boost the performance of your iPhone. You can watch videos, listen to music and surf the internet without having your iPhone lagging, because too many applications are running with a jailbreak.

Some other applications can expand your battery life, by using and implementing inteligent configurations to your iPhone to preserve more power! These applications can only be installed to your device if you jailbreak it, and it combines all available settings of your device to balance them and get the best result.

Apart from these important benefits you can also make your iPhone look unique. Jailbreak gives you the option to download and install an application called WinterBoard. With this application you will be able to change everything to your iPhone. From the wallpaper to the icons. Of course there is not only one application that allows you to change your iPhone, if you make a little research in Cydia you will find hundreds of applications. But make sure to jailbreak your iPhone first.

Jailbreak your iPhone for more benefits!

Have you ever heard of the term tethering? Tethering is when you are actually making your iPhone a WiFi HotSpot. This can happen with a jailbroken iPhone and the use of the proper application. You will be able to share your internet connection with all your friends and family (or your computer), and they can do that by connecting to you through a USB cable, bluetooth or WiFi.

3G Facetime is one great application you can get, because it will allow you to do video calls through your 3G and not from your WiFi only. This application tricks your hardware that you are using a WiFi connection, but you actually use your 3G. If your contract allows you to do unlimited data download, you will be able to use this application and do video calls to everybody FREE!

Did you know that you can do a software unlock of your iPhone? By unlocking your iPhone you are able to use ANY SIM-Card you want worldwide, but you must first jailbreak your iPhone. The Unlocking tool you should use exists in Cydia, so you should jailbreak your iPhone if you want to proceed with an unlock!

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