What Happens After I Jailbreak My iPhone?

One of the most common questios regarding jailbreaking is what will happen after you jailbreak your phone. First thing that will happen is that you will notice a new app installed, called Cydia, and if you requested to add installous, you will also see installous, but you can installous by yourself using Cydia. Installous is an app very similar to Apple App store, only that apps are free. You can still use your iTunes and app store like before. Nothing will really change, you will only see additional features and stuff like Cydia, Installous, Winterboard and a lot more.

Will jailbreaking my iphone void my warranty? Yes it will. But you don’t have to worry, when your iphone needs to be repaired, you can simply uninstall Cydia, and Apple will never know that your iPhone was once unlocked.

When your iPhone is jailbroken, your iPhone gets unlocked and you can also get access to free apps found in Cydia and Installous. You can get unlimited free apps that are also available in the Apple App store.

Basically, you don’t have to be scared in unlocking your iPhone, you could actually get unlimited benefits and doing so.


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