Untethered Jailbreak Service Via UltraSnow.EU!

Are you curious about untethered jailbreaking and how to get your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch jailbroken? The untethered jailbreak is the best jailbreak procedure on your iDevice because you’ll think you are using a legit iOS software.

UltraSnow.EU Makes Untethered Jailbreak EASY

Jailbreaking your iDevice gives you the freedom to enjoy all the features of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’ that Apple doesn’t want you to know about. How? With Cydia! Cydia is an app repository for jailbroken devices which gives you access to custom features like ringtones, themes, backgrounds, icons and 1000s of other apps and games.

Getting an untethered jailbreak lets you use most of the iOS apps free of charge! Jailbreaking your iPhone gives you the best bang for your iPhone buck.

Untethered jailbreak services

UltraSnow.EU can provide an untethered jailbreak that is compatible with your device. If you have a 1st generation iPhone, iPhone 2G and 3G, 1st generation iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2G and 3G (8GB model only), you can’t get the latest iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak, but UltraSnow.EU can still get you the best software for your device.

Yes, membership costs $15.95 but you’ll get much more than what you pay for! If you’re buying apps at $0.99 each, once you’ve bought 10 apps you’re already at $9.99. Join and get so much more for FREE! Why wait any longer? It’s costing you money!

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