Unlockers be Aware

Recently , many people have unlocked their iDevices using the Ultrasn0w package from cydia and were living very happily , but now they want to update their iOS because of the new features.

But as you all may know , by updating the iOS , you would lose the unlock and if the baseband is accidentally updated too , you’ll lose the unlock forever and all wireless capabilities would be lost (known as getting bricked). 

So, upgrading the iOs came out of question . But as you know about the geniuses at  UltraSnow.EU and how they have solutions to every single problem . They have once again come up with a solution to help you . To update to the latest version follow these steps :

1.Goto  UltraSnow.EU and buy membership for only $9.95.

2.Login the member’s area and download the tool .

3.After downloading , Run the tool as Administrator .

4.Now minimize the tool and download the suitable ipsw iOS firmware with the link provided in the End of the post.

5.After you have downloaded the ipsw , open open the tool which you minimized earlier and choose

Extras>Custom IPSW and select the ipsw which you downloaded

6.Now wait for the build to be completed

7.After the build is completed , it would be saved in the same place as your original ipsw was but with No_BB in the beginning.

8.Now click on PWNED DFU and follow the onscreen instructions to enter DFU Recovery Mode , This step is very important and should be done very carefully

9.You may get this error , don’t worry run the process again

10.If you were successful , you would see this screen

11.Now your iphone should be in DFU recovery mode and do’t worry about the black screen , it’s part of the process.Now close the tool and go to itunes and do a shift+restore. A shift+restore is achieved by holding shift while clicking on the restore button.

12.Now specify the NO_BBxxxxxxxx.ipsw you created earlier, be careful that you select the NO_BB ipsw.

13.Now click on the restore button. (Don’t hold shift this time

14.The whole process would take upto 20-30 minutes depending on your computer.

15. Voila , you ahave successfully updated to the latest iOS.

16.Now go to UltraSnow.EU and jailbreak + ReunLock your device.





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