Unlock your iPhone with Ultrasnow

Ultrasnow is utility used to unlock an iPhone. And it is now also available for iPhone 4 users. Usually if there are updates or new OS released, utilities used for jailbreaking an iPhone has to make an update too, and as the OS 5.0.1 was released, ultrasnow released the version 1.2.5

How to unlock your iPhone with ultrasnow? Here is a step by step tutorial.

Step One: Make sure you have the qualifying baseband.

You can check this by going to your Setting Menu, then click on General then choose about and read the “modem firmware.” If your baseband does not qualify the requirements, then you cannot proceed with unlocking your iPhone, it may harm your iPhone if you proceed.

Step Two: If you haven’t updated to the latest OS, which is OS 5.0.1, please do so, and please don’t forget to preserve your baseband in doing so.

Step Three: Jailbreak your iPhone 5.0.1

Step Four: Go to Cydia, then search and install ultrasnow.

Step Five: Remove your old sim card and replace with a new sim card.

Step Six: Give your iPhone a few seconds, and it should be on the new network.

Then voila! You have just unlocked your iPhone with ultrasnow.