Tips for iOS 5 Jailbreak issues – How to Fix them

iOS 5 Jailbreak – Most common errors that you will encounter

When iOS 5 Jailbreak was released by iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team (they released two different applications) the majority of the jailbreaking community rushed to jailbreak their devices. As we all expected, many users will enctountered a lot of errors, since  iDevices have different models and slightly different hardware parts. Below I will list you some of the most common error codes you will encounter during a iOS 5 Jailbreak procedure.

Error codes and problems during an iOS 5 Jailbreak process!

A common problem is when your iPhone 4 is stucked to a non-stop rebooting process, which you can understand it because it will constantly show you a black screen and a white Apple. In order to fix that, restore it as a new device but do not restore it to a back up, and then do an iOS 5 Jailbreak.

Sometimes a problem occurs when you are trying to install a Cydia app or an already installed app does not work properly. After an iOS 5 Jailbreak you will certainly install new jailbroken apps, but if you got a partial package due to the load of repos the applications might not work properly or at all! Just download it again and reinstall it after a few hours or days.

More problems during an iOS 5 Jailbreak

Sometimes, Redsn0w 0.9.10b3 shows you an error that “Couldn’t not download required IPSW”. This a difficult iOS 5 Jailbreak situation because there is not a 100% certain solution for this, but some people manage to solve it. A user mentioned that he tried to use a USB 1.0 to slow the transfer and he manage to solve this issue.

Generally iOS 5 Jailbreak process of older devices have various error codes but the majority of those can be solved. If you are experiencing other problems as well, comment on this article and we will try to update this article with new solutions for your iOS 5 Jailbreak problems.

Errors for iOS 5 Jailbreak