The user guide of the Pwnage tool to preserve the old baseband.

What is the Pwnage tool to preserve the baseband of an iPhone or iPad or iPod touch?

The Pwnage tool, as everybody knows who are using jailbreak iPhone, is a tool which is developed by  iPhone Dev team to do jailbreak with keeping the old baseband of any iPhone. Pwnage tool can be used in RedsnOw or any other commercial jailbreaking tool which are available now on the market. As  we know that the baseband of any iPhone is an important factor prior to do jailbreak on that iPhone. Because, if the baseband of an iPhone does not support jailbreak or the baseband will change itself by the processing of doing jailbreak, then there is a lot of possibilities to occur unwanted incidents on that iPhone. So, we should have to be more cautious about the baseband and the use of Pwnage tool.


How does the Pwnage tool work on preserving the baseband on the iPhone or iPad or iPod touch?

The Pwnage tool works simply on the iPhone to preserve the baseband on the iPhone. As it seems that the Pwnage tool works simply, but the effect of this tool is really awesome, if someone has actually faced that kind of troubles which could be possible by doing wrong with the baseband of an iPhone or iPad or iPod touch. Pwnage tool is basically developed for those iDevices which are possessing A4 chips in those. Any iDevice, which may be the iPod touch or iPhone or iPad, can be kept the previous baseband while doing jailbreak on those iDevices by this Pwnage tool. This tool is actually a great software to keep the original baseband and do the jailbreak on any iPhone or iPad or iPod touch.


How to use the Pwnage tool to keep the baseband as you want?

The Pwnage tool is very simple to handle as I have said earlier, the procedure is given below.

To use the Pwnage tool, obviously you have to download it from any reliable source. Many sources are available over the internet, you can pick any source from those. After downloading the Pwnage tool, you need to start it by double clicking on it. A new window will appear promptly where a message will ask you to launch the file. Then you have to click ‘Open’ and then ‘Ok’. Now, you need to jump to the ‘Expert’ mood which appears on the top of the window and then you need to select the iDevice which you need to use by this Pwnage tool. After choosing the iDevice, you need to click the ‘Blue Arrow”. Here will appear the next screen where you have to click on the option “Brows for IPSW”. By this option you can manually choose the iOS firmware of your iDevice. For this purpose, you have to double click on that option. The Pwnage tool is capable of choosing the iOS automatically. So, you don’t need to be bothered any more until you have any plan to chose the iOS manually. If there is no such iOS that is supported by the Pwnage tool, you have to download that supported iOS from the Apple’s website or from any other website.

After selecting the iOS, now you need to again click the blue arrow and there will appear some option. The most common option is general settings where you can check many things such as root partition size, the ways of activation the unofficial carrier and many others. If you are using an unofficial carrier, then it is highly suggested to make sure that the phone features are activated.

This is the simple way to use the Pwang tool to preserve the baseband of any iPhone or iPad or iPod touch.