The latest iOS 6.1.2 is also jailbreakable on the iPhone or iPad!

The newest version of iOS, which is iOS 6.1.2, has been released by Apple Inc., but not anything done against jailbreak!!

Recently, Apple has unveiled their latest iOS version which is iOS 6.1.2 for their consumers and the good news is that this not resisted to jailbreak. This update is majorly for those users whom are using iPhone 4S as there had some major defects in the 3G function and 4G LTE function. Some harmful bugs had been placed in the code of iOS 6.1.1 which were affected the functionality of the iPhone 4S device which made troubles on receiving signals over 3G and LTE. In this update, iOS 6.1.2, Apple has just concentrated their mind into removing the bugs out of their iPhone 4S and nothing else. So, they had not put any extra code to defeat doing jailbreak on their iDevices which are iPhones and iPads. So, it is possible to upgrade iPhone’s or iPad’s iOS version to iOS 6.1.2 without having any trouble with jailbreak functionality. After completing upgradetion, someone can easily do jailbreak on his or her iPhone or iPad.

What does this latest iOS 6.1.2 offer us?

The latest iOS 6.1.2 is offering mainly three services and all of those are related to the bug removing business. These three are,

1. Will remove some exchange calender bug,

2. Will remove some bugs, which are doing bad for the network function on your iOS 6.1.2,

3. Will deal with some other bugs, which are the main cause to drain out the battery.

Will it cause any negative effect on the process of doing jailbreak?

No, not at all. As I have said earlier that Apple was just focusing their concentration on removing these bugs ( earlier described) out of their iDevices, especially from iPhone 4S, they actually did not do anything against jailbreak. So, it is safe to do jailbreak if you are using any earlier version of iOS. You can easily upgrade this version which is only 12.8MB in size and redo the procedure of doing jailbreak. If you are using an iPhone 4 with iOS 6.1.1, then you can easily jailbreak your iPhone 4. And if you are planning to upgrade this version to iOS 6.1.2, then you can follow the same procedure as it has done with iOS 6.1.1.