A few good things of ThemeIconMaker.

What is ThemeIconMaker?

The ThemeIconMaker is one of the best tweaks, by which it is possible to customize the icon on the main screen of your iPhone or iPad to whatever you want. This tweak is actually meant for doing something great with the icons which appear on the screen of your iPhone or iPad. It is sometime annoying to have such icons which do not suit the theme that you actually love to use on your iPhone or iPad and at this point the ThemeIconMaker comes to the a force. By ThemeIconMaker, you can rearrange the Icon to your own choice. The ThemeIconMaker also allows you to customize the icons up to the wish-limit.


What does belong the ThemeIconMaker?

The ThemeIconMaker works great on the themes and the icons of those themes. ThemeIconMaker offers two services at a same time, which are:-

1. The ThemeIconMaker can patch into the theme.

2. It can fix the issue which goes with the theme and the icon.

Really, sometimes I felt very annoying and also irritating to find that the icons are not suitable to the theme. As the icons do not suit the theme, the use of the iPhone ( or the iPad) became an irritating matter to me. Well, it obviously varies with the test of users. For me, the ThemeIconMaker is kind of blessing for me from the heaven. Now, ThemeIconMaker opens a new door for me to do something extraordinary with the icons which I don’t like at all.


The availability of ThemeIconMaker.

The ThemeIconMaker is free of cost and open for all to download. To download, obviously you have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad and need to get the Cydia app store. To do jailbreak, you can download the latest RedsnOw version which would definitely be compatible with the iOS version or your iPhone or iPad. ThemeIconMaker would be downloaded from some of the well known platform which is usually used by everyone.