The Benefits of Jailbreaking An iPhone

The benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone is actually unlimited. If you have Cydia and Installous installed, you can do a lot more to your iPhone. You can download unlimited apps for free, apps that are also available to the Apple app store. And apps that are not in the app store. These apps are actually something that are not available for iPhone but was developed by talented developers. It makes your iPhone more unique with more unique features. And another benefit of jailbreaking an iPhone is being able to use locked phones from another carrier.


Although Jailbreaking an iPhone voids the warranty of your device, when you need to get your device repaired, you could simply remove the jailbreak of your iPhone and Apple will have no way or no sign that your iPhone was once jailbroken.

The word “jailbreak” may sound illegal but it’s not. It’s a common question by a lot of people, probably because of the world jailbreak. But just to let you know, you don’t have to worry, jailbreaking an iPhone or using a jailbroken iPhone is not illegal, cops won’t come knocking on your door to sue you.

So what’s the disadvantage of having a jailbroken iPhone? Well, based on my experience, there no disadvantage. Just be careful not to touch stuff that you are not really familiar about, and everything else with jailbroken iPhone will work awesome for you.