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Tips for iOS 5 Jailbreak issues – How to Fix them

Tips for iOS 5 Jailbreak issues – How to Fix themReviewed by Zisis on Mar 19.Rating: -iOS 5 Jailbreak – Most common errors that you will encounter When iOS 5 Jailbreak was released by iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team (they released two different applications) the majority of the jailbreaking community rushed to jailbreak their devices. As we all expected, many users will enctountered a lot of errors, since  iDevices have different models and slightly different hardware parts. Below I will list you some of the most common error codes you will encounter during a iOS 5 Jailbreak procedure. Error codes and problems during an iOS 5 Jailbreak process! A common problem is when your iPhone 4 is stucked to a non-stop rebooting process, which you can understand it because it will constantly show you a black screen and a white Apple. In order to fix that, restore it as a new […]


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Posted by zisis - March 19, 2013 at 2:22 am

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