Stride: Unlock your iDevice with Fashion!

Have you ever heard of this new tweak called ‘STRIDE’? Sounds interesting right? The first time I heard about it really got me to that level of curiousness. Now I am so amazed about how it can let you be in the trendy phase, at the same time let you add another level of security to your iDevices. This tweak is absolutely something you will like and that I will recommend you make an effort of getting.

Stride does not let you unlock your gadget to let you use other networks. Some of you might be confused thinking that this can be used to unlock and let you get out of the imprisonment of your network providers where you have a year or two contract with. Stride is a new jailbreak tweak which allows you to unlock your screen towards your home page without entering your old monotonous passwords or 4-digit codes. Stride is far beyond that!

Developer of Stride, Adam Bell, thought of putting a touch of magic to your fingertips. This tweak is something Adam may have spent some serious time with. It is worth paying his labor for this remarkable conception.  Stride will allow you to draw, yes; you heard it right, DRAW your password on the screen instead of entering your boring security codes. Stride uses a truly exceptional 8-bit styled drawing for security, so instead of getting the old-fashioned “Enter Passcode” memo on your iDevice, you will see the new-fangled “Draw Password” thing on your screens. You can double your security by enabling both your passcode lock and gesture lock at the same time, so it’s risk free to have it.

What other benefits can we get with Stride? Aside from being in the fashion spotlight with this new tweak, Stride also will help you save some time. A matter of a few seconds would really help that much. It will send you directly to your homescreens in no time. Thought you were just playing with your iDevice or scribbling something on the screen? Those abstract lines will send you immediately to where you want to be, express. Fast, secured and your style defined with Stride! Available now for $2.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Do you want to give this tweak a chance? This is one of Cydia’s latest tweaks worth considering. It is time to give your iDevices a new life! Downloads through Cydia is readily available once you had your iDevices jailbroken.

Jailbreaking means “Breaking out of the Jail”. There are some things that the Apple Inc may not have thought about, that our bright developers, like Adam Bell of Stride, would like to share with us. Jailbreaking is the single, most efficient way to explore out of your cave and into the jungle of opportunities for your gadgets.

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