Redsn0w Download – Free Jailbreaking Tutorial

Redsn0w Download – What iOS version is supported?

Before going to the step to perform a Redsn0w Download and try to jailbreak your iDevice, you need to be certain if your iOS version is supported. The latest Redsn0w Download version is the 0.9.15b3 and it supports the majority of iOS versions with the potential to jailbreak them all!

If your iDevice has the latest iOS version, 6.1.3 version, then Redsn0w Download might not help you much. Redsn0w can jailbreak all iOS versions if you want to jailbreak an A4 chip iDevice, but the newer devices cannot be jailbroken with Redsn0w Download for iOS 6.1.3 version.

Redsn0w Download – Understand your options!

If you have an iOS version that cannot be jailbroken you have the following options:

  1. Upgrade to a new jailbreakable iOS version
  2. Downgrade to an old jailbreakable version
  3. Wait for the jailbreaking community for a new effective jailbreaking method

The first option most of the times will not work, because the latest iOS versions are the ones that cannot be jailbroken.

The second option is probably the best, but you will need to have saved the SHSH blobs of that iOS version you want to downgrade to, and this could be achieved with a great feature of the Redsn0w Download. Unfortunately if you haven’t done that when you had the old iOS version to your iDevice, you will not be able to do it now even with Redsn0w Download features.

The third option is for those that are not depending on their jailbroken applications that much. Sooner or later the jailbreaking community will jailbreak ANY iOS version, so waiting is all you can do if the second option is not working for you!

Redsn0w Download – Where I can find it?

The Redsn0w Download can be done from many places, but the official website is the blog of the iPhone Dev-Team, the creators of Redsn0w Download jailbreaking tool.

Leave us a comment if you are having problems with Redsn0w Download and we will respond you as soon as possible with a solution!

Redsn0w Download and jailbreak