Redsn0w + Absinthe2 The Difference is Clear

Did you ever thought it was possible to have these two easy but great tools coming together to be as one? Well think again it is possible and is proven to happen.

Redsn0w + Absinthe2 Possble?

Most person have sat and wonder is it possible for Redsn0w + Absinthe2 to ever be as one like a couple, but yes it is said to be so. Both Redsn0w and Absinthe are very good tools when it comes to Jailbreak and unlocking iPhones. We have come to realize that it really doesn’t matter what program one uses to unlock or Jailbreak an iPhone once its done properly and in order.

Redsn0w clear and understandable?

I have used Redsn0w before when I first got my iPhone 3G even thou now its all gone. This was a simple and easy tool to use, and it practically did all the work for me as I sat back a relax. I didn’t have to spend a dime on this tool at all.

Some users are complaining that they have many issues with it, it freezes it doesn’t really unlocks your iPhone it just makes it “spacy”. In time they will get to know the truth and learn the skills about this great program.

Absinthe, Why use? 


This is as most person have now come to knowledge about this great tool which most of the time not mentioned as much as Redsn0w, it is still the easiest tool ever to be release to the public and to be used by most person in US.

Users are still trying to make the best use of Redsn0w + Absinthe2, this tool as it is not so popular as the others. As there are few ways used with Absinth, Tethered and untethered most users are still awaiting for the Untethered tips and version to be released.

Person still are saying that they found bugs with Absinthe where it has blank white icons after unlocking, but few developers states they will have the bugs out soon. This will then be Redsn0w + Absinthe2 most popular ever!

Both are great and will work!

As we have read all over the web that there are too much bugs in Absinthe and even a few in Redsn0w it is still seen that Redsn0w + Absinthe2 are great tools any one can use to better the ways to unlock and jailbreak Iphone 3G, 3gS, 4, 4s and probabley soon the iPhone5!