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A big hello for all those who are trolling here just to find out more about what limerain is!
yes I know,most of you are here just to figure out what is this term ‘limerain‘ and what are the pros and cons behind it.

Well you have come to the right place no doubt! I have been searching for good websites that provide informative and reliable knowledge about the limerain software.

I am also aware that most of you came up here because you already know about this software limerain.

so guyz and girls It is very simple.Lets just start off with a simple introduction or more of an definition about what exactly limerain is.I will then proceed to some frequently asked questions about limerain!
So here we go..

What exactly is this term Limerain?what does it mean?what is the use of it?how can I use it?

Well basically limerain is a downloadable software used to jailbreak your iDevices such as : the iPhone,iPad,iPod………etc.

Whatever device you hold you can easily jailbreak it using this software,the links to download it are available on its official website and moreover,it is all over the internet.
so that is not a problem really,you can find it all over the internet just at a click away.and nothing is hard anymore,after a popular search engine like Google, bing,yahoo…etc and many more.

another doubt that people have about this software is that is it Limerain or Limera1n?

frequently asked questions: Is it Limerain or Limera1n?

Well the simple answer to this is that the exploit name used for this software is Limera1in.

so what are you waiting for it is a easy software and I have heard it works really well,many people have used it and it works perfect for them.