Jailbreak your windows with Snowbreeze

Hey there Everyone,

Have you all heard about Snowbreeze?
Well with snowbreeze v2.9.2 you can now jailbreak IOS 5.1 on your windows! Snowbreeze makes the popular windows jailbreak tool compatible with iOS 5.1.
snowbreeze is all about creating a custom IPSW and restoring via iTunes to jailbreak!

Personally I would say you should definitely check it out!
Do you know what is  one of the biggest advantages of using snowbreeze?!!Well it preserves your baseband if your interested in maintaining an existing lock!Moreover the new updated version of the SnowBreeze is also compatible with all A4 devices and below.
Moreover,this updated version of the Snowbreeze is classified as a tethered jailbreak.

However,I was surprised to know that this new updated version of the snowbreeze V2.9.4 ,is not supporting 5.1.1/9B208 update for the iPhone 4 GSM,which was released just recently.

Despite the new and improved version of the snowbreeze since everything in this world comes with a few pros and cons too!One of the disadvantage of snowbreeze is that it is not yet compatible with the A5 devices such as the iPhone 4S or the iPad2!

So for all those people out there using A5 devices like the iPhone 4S or the iPad,and willing to jailbreak it,you guyz should not be disappointed at all  ,as you can stick with Absinthe tool from the Chronic Dev Team.This tool will allow you to jailbreak easily.Basically it is an untethered jailbreak tool!
I really wanted to jailbreak my iPad2,however I was really scared since I havent tried it out yet though.However I am definitely going to try out this updated version of the Snowbreeze software!

by the way this world is just full of surprises! I do not think anything is impossible with this huge evolution in tenchnology! Cool
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