Jailbreak Your iPhone now With BlackRa1n

Hi there Everyone! How many of you have ever tried jail-breaking their latest iPhone,iPad or any other similar devices?!Well I have jail-breaked my iPhone and I look forward to jailbreak my iPad2,I have been doing a lot of research recently on the internet.Trust me I have been working on it as if it was one of my university research report!Tongue Out Yes I am definitely crazy about it! jokes apart,is there anyone out there who has used the Blackrain software to jailbreak your device? I would like to share one of the tutorials I found over the internet,while randomly browsing for a good jail-breaking software! Laughing This tutorial is structured for an iPhone. just follow the steps below and you are ready to go! Step 1: Update iTunes to the latest version available and reboot your computer. Step 2: Download BlackRa1n from our iPhone downloads page and install it, then reboot your PC (note that rebooting is not necessary but I always do this as a precaution). Step 3: Plug your iPhone to your computer and launch BlackRa1n. Click on “make it ra1n” Step 4: Your iPhone will now enter recovery mode. The regular recovery mode image on your iPhone will be replaced by a picture of GeoHot. Step 5: BlackRa1n will run on your iPhone and then it will reboot. Step 6: Once your iPhone reboots, you will notice a new icon on your springboard. This is BlackRa1n. Now make sure you have internet connection and launch BlackRa1n on your iPhone. Step 7: Choose what installer applications you want to install on your iPhone and then tap “Install”. I suggest only installing Cydia but you may install them all if you want to. Step 8: Once done installing, your iPhone will respring and you should see your installer app on your springboard. Step 9: Once your installer app (Cydia in our case) is installed. You can safely uninstall BlackRa1n by launching the app and selecting “uninstall balckra1n”. Step 10: Reboot your iPhone. You’re done! It worked fine with me,hope it helps you all too! just give it a try!Wink Take Care!Smile