Jailbreak iPod Touch 3G or 4G? | RedSn0w 0.9.10b5c for Windows or 0.9.10b3 for Mac

Lucky you! There is now an updated version of the untethered RedSn0w jailbreak app for the iPod Touch 3G or iPod Touch 4G running iOS 5.0.1.

Before you begin, make sure you’re running the latest version of iTunes, i.e. iTunes 10.5 or later.

Also, your iPod Touch must be running iOS 5.0.1 firmware. If you have not already done this, download the appropriate iOS 5.0.1 ipsw file for your iPod Touch here:

Get the free RedSn0w download for your device here:

What if My iPod Touch is already Jailbroken?

If your iPod Touch has already been jailbroken, you can use jailbreak apps such as AptBackup, PkgBackup or xBackup from Cydia to back up all the jailbreak apps and tweaks so you can reinstall them easily after successfully jailbreaking your iPod touch. This way you won’t have to reinstall each one individually. If you’re upgrading from iOS 4.x to iOS 5, however, you should probably reinstall the apps to make sure they’re compatible.

If you’ve done a tethered jailbreak on your iPod touch running iOS 5.0.1 then you can also convert it to an untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak by installing Cydia’s Corona iOS 5.0.1 Untether jailbreak package from Chronic-Dev to your iDevice. This means you no longer need to tether your device to a computer to reboot. Simply navigate to Cydia, search for Corona 5.0.1 Untether and install it to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Note: This does not work for iPhone 4S or iPad 2 devices.

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