Jailbreak iPhone Baseband 04.12.01 Release

Being able to Jailbreak iPhone Baseband 04.12.01 is the best thing that is now out there on the iPhones, and you have found the right place for tip and tricks about them.

Why Jailbreak iPhone Baseband 04.12.01?

To be on a higher baseband that 4.11.08 is an advantage where you can get most of of the apps and use any SIM with the iPhones. Most users are seeking ways to get around calling AT&T and will be very difficult. Its been read all over the web that Jailbreak phones are really great idea.

Answers to Jailbreak iPhone Baseband 04.12.01

Using other tools to try and Jailbreak iPhone Baseband 04.12.01 such as Untrasnow, redsn0w and Absinthe will not get the job done. Most users are saying that they have to revert to their Carrier (at&T) to get it unlocked. As also mentiond there is also paid sites for one to Jailbreak iPhone Baseband 04.12.01 but they are not willing to take the risk. As for now no one as seen reported back that the paid sites are as good as they claim.

Getting Locked up in a certain baseband is a big problem specially when one phone is locked up on basebands like 4.11.08 or 4.12.01. These basebands don’t actually have any solution to unlock. Developers like Gevey Sim or R-Sim did not work on these basebands.

Whats new to use!

Chinese hackers have successfully found and released SAM which stands for Subscirber Artifical Module is capable of unlocking all major iPhone Basebands Including those two major ones like 4.11.08 and 4.12.01. This is now available free in Cydia from the Bingner.com Repo and you can Jailbreak iPhone Baseband 04.12.01 for free!

Others have now also used Absinthe to Jailbreak iPhone Baseband 04.12.01, but as they later found out that this only factory unlocks the iPhone 4.

Some have now also found SafeRa1n.com that is able to Jailbreak iPhone Baseband 04.12.01 and unlock almost all current IOS devices up to Ios 5.1.1 for any baseband up to 4.12.01, allowing iPhone owners to use their phones at another level and the most important: the freedom to use any carrier/network anywhere in the world.

Solutions for Jailbreak iPhone Baseband 04.12.01

As discussed above it was a very difficult task to find a solution for the Baseband 4.12.01 but SAM, Absinthe and SafeRa1n.com has done it again. For more informtion on each you can visit, http://www.ios5jailbreak.org/unlock-all-baseband-iphone-4-with-sam.html and http://www.officialwire.com/pr/unlock-jailbreak-iphone-4s43gs-latest-baseband-04-12-01-ios-5-1-1/ For more information on any of these solutions.

If there is a solution we have it!