iTunes 10.6.1 Update – What’s new ?

iTunes 10.6.1 Update – Are there any problems ?

The latest iTunes 10.6.1 Update released in order to fix some problems the previous version had and had made the life of users difficult. When iTunes 10.6 released hundreds of users complained that from the upgrade and afterwards they had serious problems with their iDevices while they were listening to music or watching a video or changing artwork size in Grid view and syncing photos to their devices. So Apple Released iTunes 10.6.1 Update and fix these kind of problems although some still complaining about the same issues.

iTunes 10.6.1 Update – What did they try to fix ?

As I said at the previous paragraph there were issues when listening to music, playing videos, changing artwork size in Grid view and syncing photos to devices. But there were some other problems too, like some iTunes interface elements were incorrectly described by VoiceOver and WindowsEyes, freezing of iTunes while syncing iPod nano or iPod shuffle and solved an ordering problem while browsing TV episodes in the iTunes librady on Apple TV. Except from the visible and the problems that affected directly the users (and fixed by iTunes 10.6.1 Update patch) there were also security issues that Apple managed to fix. The security issues are only confirmed by Apple when they have already released a proper update or patch because they do not want to give any ideas to “bad” hackers and exploit their weaknesses.

Should I make the iTunes 10.6.1 Update or wait for some reason ?

Ussually these updates are fixing a lot of things and as I said earlier iTunes 10.6.1 Update has fixed a lot and crucial issues. If you were experiencing crashing problems from the previous things I wrote about then you must certainly do iTunes 10.6.1 Update and start using your iDevice normally without any crashes. If you have any questions regarding iTunes 10.6.1 Update or anything else regarding your iDevice check Ultrasnow.EU and be sure that you will have a quick answer to your question and a solution to your problem. Click HERE to visit!

iTunes 10.6.1 Update Apple


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