VIP Mailbox and Shared Photo Stream on iPhone 3gs and iPod 4g

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Shared Photo Stream & VIP Mailbox now available on iPhone 3gs, iPod Touch 4g with iOS 6 Beta 3

by Ultrasnow.EU

Initially the VIP Lists and VIP Mailbox feature is only available in iPhone 4 and newer devices. But now it is also available to iPhone 3gs and iPod 4g with iOS 6 beta 3 update according to some sources.

When Apple first released this news about these features, they’ve written in their footnote that iPhone 3gs and iPod Touch 4g is compatible with these features. Then after a week or so, many have noticed that they removed it from their footnote.

– Shared Photo Streams requires iOS 6 on iPhone 4 or later or iPad 2 or later, or a Mac computer with OS X Mountain Lion. An up-to-date browser is required for accessing shared photo streams on the web.

– VIP list and VIP and Flagged smart mailboxes will be available on iPhone 4 or later and iPad 2 or later.


So there you have it, the VIP mailbox and VIP lists will be available on older models. It’s good to know that Apple is thinking of the consumers who purchased older models and want to take advantage of these great features.

But what’s really surprising is they left out one older device, which is the first iPad. We can’t find any reason why iPad 1 was not included in the list, aside from the fact that iPad is not available in the market anymore, where as for the iPod 4g and iPhone 3gs, they’re still available and still offered by cellphone carriers.

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