iPhone 4S and iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak Using Absinthe

Many iPhone and iPad users are asking series of questions like: How to jailbreak iPhone 4s?  How to jailbreak iPad 2? How do i Jailbreak iPad 2 on iOS 5? or what is jailbreaking?

iOS Jailbreaking is basically hacking your iPhone or Ipad so that you will gain more access on your handheld by customizing it by installing cool programs such as additional applications, themes, games. etc and by jailbreaking you can now use your handheld for another network provider.

Sounds cool right? That is why when Apple Inc. releases a new update people finds new jailbreaking tweaks for their iPhone and iPad. It is because updating their devices remove their jailbreak together with its cool features.

And for the latest iOS 5.0.1 for iPhone and Ipad, there is a tweak that will bring you back again on customizing your handhelds with awesome features.


It is called Absinthe, This program supports jailbreaking you’re latest updated version of you iPhone and iPad untethered, meaning it allows the device to be powered without connecting it to computer every time it is booted.

Absinthe supports the following devices: iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0, 5.0.1 (9A405 and 9A406) and iPad 2 Wifi/GSM/CDMA running iOS 5.0.1.

This program allows you to jailbreak your handheld and enables the following devices again to get more exciting features for your iPhone and iPad

To download Absinthe, visit UltraSnow.Eu and get the original and legit copy of it that comes with a step by step pattern of installing adn 10,000 latest customization features for your handhelds.