iPhone 4 unlock – What has happened ?

iPhone 4 unlock – Is it still doable ?

At previously published articles we wrote that a great method was released by a Chinese hacker, Loktar_Sun, to an iPhone 4 unlock regardless its baseband. This method was done by a Cydia’s application, SAM. There was a bug at Apple’s activation servers and Loktar_Sun found an exploit and managed to get iPhone 4 unlock . The problem is that now Apple is fixing their activation servers and this method is failing. Since Apple is still fixing their server, if you try to get your iPhone 4 unlock there are a few chances to accomplish it, but as the time passes by this exploit will be vanished. The next question that you should all have is, What will happen to those who already unlocked their iPhone with the SAM method ?

iPhone 4 unlock – Will my iPhone still be unlocked after Apple fix their servers ?

At least here we have good news! All the users who managed to get their iPhone 4 unlock they should not have any problem and continue to use it, but all those who have not seize this opportunity and failed to get their iPhone 4 unlock will have to wait for a new unlocking method. The hackers community is trying again to find an exploit to have our iPhone 4 unlock again but I do not think that this will be an easy task to do. All we can to is to wait and help anyway we can the hackers community to iPhone 4 unlock .

iPhone 4 unlock – When will the next unlocking method be released ?

This is something we cannot tell for sure, but you can always check the Ultrasnow.EU for the latest updates of iPhone 4 unlock and Jailbreaking news. Ultrasnow.EU’s members managed to have their iPhone 4 unlock because they unlocked it as soon as the SAM method released. So trusting Ultrasnow.EU to learn the latest news is a wise thing to do, and you can do it by checking their site! (Click HERE to check it)

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