iOS 6 tethered jailbreak Beta testing

iOS 6


The dev team is releasing a developer-only version of a redsn0w tethered jailbreak for app developers.


These are the supported devices for iOS6:


-iPod touch 4g


-iPhone 4 (GSM)

-iPhone 4 (CDMA)


Important! Must Read:


This iOS 6 jailbreak is only for Developers of Jailbroken Apps!

  • There is still many broken components ( Apple’s official apps, 3rd party appstore apps, Cydia apps. Etc)


This is a tethered jailbreak!

  • You need to use redsn0w’s “just boot” button to be able to use many things including Safari. If Safari and iBooks crashed it’s probably because you didn’t boot tethered.


This redsn0w will not Activate!

  • This is only for iOS app developers with a registered UDID. NO PIRATING OF APPLE SOFTWARE! Only developers with Macs can develop iOS apps and only those people will have legitimate access to the beta ISPW.

Stay away if you’re unlockers and preserving your unlockable baseband!

  • Most likely because YOU WILL LOSE your unlockable baseband if you try to install iOS 6.


Cydia won’t be installed!

  • The only access you will have is through SSH and afc2. ( If you have no idea what this is then probably you’re not a developer and shouldn’t be using this! )


You MUST point your redsn0w to your ISPW the first time you Jailbreak and Just Boot Tethered because that ISPW is only available for developers, and redsnow can’t get the necessary files it needs from it. After you’ve done a “Just Boot” tethered jailbreak, redsn0w has cached all the file it needs from the ISPW so you won’t need to point redsnow at it any longer.


As of June 15, 2012:

The “Dev2 version” was released and it should fix the various errors you get from SSH and the apps that crashes.


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