iOS 7 Beta 2 version is released – What is New?

iOS 7 Beta 2 version vs Beta 1

Many people waited for iOS 7 Beta 2 version, because the impressions for iOS 7 beta 1 version were not very good. A lot of people complained for many features of the beta 1 version, and definitely a lot of those reached Apple’s ears. Fortunately Apple took all those feedback into account, as they always do, and fixed many things on iOS 7 Beta 2 version. Although a lot of people dissapointed from the beta 1 version, including us, you need to know that beta versions are always “buggy”, but this is the purpose of releasing beta versions for the developers. Having thousands of eyes fixed on the features of an iOS version, is very helpful on finding how this iOS beta version works on a very large number of iDevices.

What was fixed from iOS 7 Beta 2 version?

The most common issue that beta 1 version had and was fixed (not 100%) by iOS 7 Beta 2 version was the application crashing. In beta 1 version you you definitely experienced many application crashes, but this was expected. In iOS 7 Beta 2 version you will still encounter some crashes, but the “build-in” application are working much better.

One more major problem was the battery life management, because your iDevice could last only for a few hours a specific day and with the same use it could last for a whole day. The battery management of beta 1 version was terrible, but on iOS 7 Beta 2 version, at least until now, the battery lasts at least for a day.

iOS 7 Beta 2 version will not be the last beta version

Until the release of the official iOS 7 version, many beta version will be released to the developers until they managed to create a solid and fast iOS. What makes the Apple’s iDevices different than the other smartphones is their iOS operating system, and Apple needs to put a great effort and iOS 7 Beta 2 version is a good start.

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iOS 7 Beta 2 version