I love jailbreak on my iPhone 4, because of Cydia!!

Cydia made me love to do jailbreak on my iPhone 4. Why?

I love to do jailbreak on my iPhone 4, because I am able to use Cydia on my iPhone 4. Did you ever hear about Cydia? If you are, then you must have a pretty good idea about what actually Cydia resembles. If you are not, then please allow me to tell something about Cydia for what I love to do jailbreak on my iPhone 4. Cydia is an application store just like AppStore at where you can get every possible application what you wish for. An enormous number of applications are free and at the same time you have to cost a few bucks to grab some great applications which will change the whole experience with your iPhone or iPad. You can download those applications from Cydia without having any trouble and at the same time you can download other apps from the AppStore without contradicting each other. You can download, upgrade from the both platforms. That’s why Cydia has become a blessing to me and my iPhone.


Cydia opens a whole new world in front of me. How?

I love Cydia and jailbreak on my iPhone 4 because of it gives me freedom to use the iPhone 4 by my own choice. Once, everyone of us was just stuck at the same and old theme which is provided by the iOS from Apple and now we can change the theme with our own choice. Thousands of themes are available on the Cydia store being downloaded without any cost. I love jailbreak on my iPhone 4 for this vast store of everything. Some themes which will make you awesome ( obviously your iPhone), some themes will annoy you, but the main thing is you can now change the theme by your preference.

Cydia makes me a free man, that’s why love to do jailbreak!

I love jailbreak because it makes free from any kind of boundaries which was applied by Apple. There are lots of things which are possible by iPhone or iPad, has been totally unknown to me before doing the jailbreak on my iPhone 4. Now, I can test the freedom only by doing jailbreak. And the mentor of this great occurrence is the Cydia. So, I can say that I love doing jailbreak, because I love Cydia.