I am happy with my jailbreak iPhone 4 which is running by iOS 6.1.1

Why I choose jailbreak my iPhone 4 with iOS 6.1.1?

I am a very happy guy with a jailbreak iPhone 4 which is run by iOS 6.1.1. I have been longing for doing the jailbreak on my iPhone 4 for a long time. I had lots of talking regarding the issue of the jailbreak to any iPhone and iPad and my interest has been raised after hearing so many good things about doing jailbreak. At one good eve, I had done it after having the untethered jailbreak tool. Before of untethered jailbreak, it is only possible to do tethered jailbreak which was much annoying. By a tethered jailbreak, it is possible to do jailbreak but the stability is very low. This could be went off if the iDevice had a restart. So, who is still using tethered jailbreak can easily convert the tethered jailbreak to untethered jailbreak.


I chose to do jailbreak on my iPhone 4 with the iOS 6.1.1 as I concerned about the tethered jailbreak and it was not possible to get the unaltered jailbreak until it’s availability. I had an option to do jailbreak when my iPhone 4 was running by iOS 5.x, but couldn’t want to do. Because, I heard that iOS will be available within few months. After upgrading iOS 6, I was looking for jailbreaking tools but did not able to get one, because of the complication of code. So, I waited a long and at the end it did not go in vein. Now, I am very happy with my jailbreak iPhone 4 and can do anything I want.


I choose iOS 6.1.1 because it has integrated with all the new features!

As an upgrade does, the latest IOS 6.1.1 was hopping to get the update version of Apple’s code into it. I waited for this version, as I was hopping to get every update version from apple. So, at the same time I can use the latest version of iOS from Apple and the jailbreak iOS simultaneously. That’s why I had waited a long and now I am happy with my patience.