How to Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband ?

Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband – What is the status?

When Apple releases a new iOS version, it usually comes with a new baseband version too. This is what happened with iPhone 4 when iOS 6 version came up. If you upgrade your iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1.3 version, baseband 04.12.05 will appear to your device. Can you Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband at the current time?

Before upgrading your iOS version to 6.1.3, you should really think if you can Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband or will you lose your unlocking state? It really depends on the unlocking method you used to Unlock your iPhone 4.

Is there a way to Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband with iOS 6.1.3?

If you managed to use a software unlock for your iPhone 4, then your baseband version would be the 01.59.00. This baseband version is the only one that can be software unlocked with the Ultrasn0w application, but if you upgrade your iOS and baseband version you will definitely lose your unlocking status. Before upgrading to iOS 6.1.3 you must follow a certain tutorial that will preserve your baseband version. This way you will be able to perform a jailbreak to iOS 6.1.3 (only a tethered one exists), download and install Ultrasn0w and then unlock your iPhone 4. There is not a software method that can Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband version at the moment.

If you achieved an unlock with a hardware method (like Gevey Card) you will have the same issue. You will not be able to Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband with a hardware method, because there is not an available one yet. Hardware unlocking methods depend on iOS and baseband version, so upgrading to iOS 6.1.3 version while preserving your baseband might not work for you!

Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband – 100% guaranteed results!

The only way to Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband is the official unlocking method. The reason that official unlocking method can Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband is that this method does not depends on the iOS and baseband version of your device. Instead it focuses on the carrier that your iPhone is locked to, which means that it can Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband if your carrier is supported.

To sum up, before going to the latest iOS version, first make sure that there is a method for you to Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband and then proceed with your upgrade. If you want to Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband with an official unlocking method, make sure that your carrier is supported!

Unlock 04.12.05 Baseband