How to Remotely Control your iphone on Windows and Mac

This guide will show you how to remote-control your iphone by using Veency.

1.Go to UltraSnow.EU and jailbreak your device.


2.After Jailbreaking , go to Cydia App.

3.In cydia go to Search , & Search for Veency

4.After opening it , install the package .

5.Now download and Run UltraVNC or TightVNC for Windows or Chicken VNC for Mac OS .


6.Now, on your iphone homescreen , go to Settings>Wi-Fi>Your Connection Settings (via pressing the blue button ahead of your Wi-Fi network) , And note your IP-Address e.g

7.Now open your computer and run the vnc software that you downloaded and enter the IP-Adress where needed.

8.Now you’ll see an incoming connection request on your iphone , accept it and voila you are now able to control your iphone remotel and could do virtually everything.

For a great demo of Veency check out this video