How to register your UDID number?

Register your UDID number – Why do I need to do it?

Now that iOS 7 beta is already on its second version many people wonder how to install it to their iDevice without having to Register your UDID number. First of all it is very important to understand that if you do not Register your UDID number and try to install iOS 7 beta version you will most likely (if not certainly) get hundreds of Error Codes, Crashes and a lot of nerves! Many things can go wrong if you try to install an iOS beta version if you have not registered your UDID number, which means that you are not registered as a developer with Apple.

I can understand that you do not wish to give $100 to Apple just to get registered, but install iOS 7 beta version without having the permission of Apple will lead you to problems.

How can you Register your UDID number?

The procedure is very simple, just visit the developers area in Apple’s website, type in your UDID number and PAY! Nothing is free with Apple as you know by now, so getting beta versions has the same principle. There are many “tutorials” at there that help you to Register your UDID number for free or install the iOS 7 beta version without even registering your UDID, but they are not a really good idea.

Register your UDID number – Test iOS 7 beta version

If you Register your UDID number with Apple and pay the $100, you will be able to download any beta version for a whole year. It is a good idea to Register your UDID number if you are actually a developer, but if you just want to try out iOS 7 beta version you should avoid it, because iOS 7 beta version is full of bugs and you will not be able to use its full features.

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Register your UDID