How To Jailbreak Your iPhone using Redsn0w

Redsn0w is the most popular jailbreaking utility for iPhones in the world. Redsn0w is very easy to use and even a none-techy person can jailbreak their iPhone by themselves using Redsn0w.

Redsn0w is 100 percent risk free if you don’t touch anything that you are not sure of. Just follow the steps and everything will work out perfectly.

Here is a step by step guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone using Redsn0w

Step One: Download Redsn0w that is compatible to your PC or laptop. (There is different version for Windows and Mac) Save the application in a folder named “Redsn0w” in your desktop.

Step Two: Double click on the Zip file of Redsn0w and extract it to the Redsnow folder in your desktop. Then launch your Redsn0w application.

Step Three: After launching rEdsn0w click on “Jailbreak.”

Step Four: You will see a prompt to connect your iPhone to your computer and switch it off. Follow the instructions in the application and click on “Next” to move to the next screen.

Step Five: You will now put your iPhone into the DFU mode, the Redsn0w application will guide you with the necessary steps.

Step Six: Your iPhone will reboot. Remember to release the home button.

Step Seven: Redsn0w will start preparing the jailbreak data.

Step Eight: Choose the jailbreak options that you like and make sure that Cydia is selected as well.

Step Nine: The iphone will reboot again and Reds0w will begin to upload the necessary data.

Step Ten: You will get a prompt that jailbreaking is complete, click on finish.

Step Eleven: For the final time your iPhone will reboot and you should be able to see the Cydia application after the reboot.


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