How to Fix iTunes Error 1014 and 1015 in Windows

Nowadays Jailbreaking iDevices has become very common and it is very obvious that if someone has an iPhone , it is jailbroken . While jailbreaking is is a fairly easy job, some people do get across errors while using itunes to restore their iDevices.

What causes error 1014 and 1015

They are caused while you try to downgrade your iDevice , mostly because  an iDevice gets updated to the newest iOS and there is no jailbreak for it. These Errors are actually caused because the baseband you currently have is the latest and is not supported by the older iOS you are trying to downgrade to.

Fixing The Problem

First of all ensure that your iDevice has SHSH’s saved in order to downgrade the iOS and tinyumbrella TSS server is running and you have the latest version of iTunes.

Now to fix the Errors:

1.Download Redsn0w 0.9.14b2  for Windows and run it as administrator.

2.After it opens go to Extras->Custom IPSW

3.Now specify where your ipsw is being kept and click on open. If you don’t have the ipsw , you can download it from the link provided in the end

4.Now sit back and wait for the custom ipsw to be created

5.Now click on OK , the Custom IPSW would be saved in the same folder but with NO_BB in the beginning

6.Now click on PWNED DFU and follow the onscreen instructions to enter DFU Recovery Mode , This step is very crucial and should be done very carefully


7.This is a step we should all be quite familiar with, now we have to put the device into DFU mode. Just follow the on-screen instructions exactly how they are displayed and you will be fine.


8.You may get this error , don’t worry run the process again


9.If you have done everything correct you’ll end up with this

10.Now your iphone should be in DFU recovery mode and do’t worry about the black screen , it’s part of the process.Now close redsn0w and go to itunes and do a shift+restore.A shift+restore is achieved by holding shift while clicking on the restore button.

11.After doing a shift+restore specify the NO_BBxxxxxxxx.ipsw you created earlier, be careful that you select the NO_BB ipsw.

12.Now click on the restore button. (Don’t hold shift this time)

13.Now sit back and wait for it all to happen , it would take upto 10-30 minutes depending on your PC

14.Voila! you’ve successfully downgraded your ipsw




Download Link for ipsw