How to activate your UDID number – iOS 7 beta 2 version

Activate your UDID number – Why to do it?

In order to download and install the iOS 7 beta 2 version you will have to Activate your UDID number in Apple’s server by registering as an iOS developer. Apple has released a few weeks ago their first iOS 7 beta version, so developers can test and de-bug it, but only after 2 weeks this first release Apple published the second one. Fortunately the iOS 7 beta 2 version fixed a lot of the problems that iOS 7 beta 1 version contained and if you are using it you can see a lot less bugs and crashes.

Generally, beta versions are being used by iOS developers, because a simple user will definitely get irritated by the large number of bugs and missing features. Especially for the early beta versions, bugs and crashes are very common, which makes it unusable for ordinary users.

Avoid to Activate your UDID number from random websites/companies?

A lot of websites and companies claim that they can provide you in a very low price a developer’s account, so you can download and install the iOS 7 beta 2 version and activate your UDID number. This is not entirely true, because your UDID number will not be activated and registered as an iOS developer, but as an application tester.

Also a few blogs provide tutorials to Activate your UDID number for free or install the iOS 7 beta version withour registering your UDID number. This is entirely false and there are dangers to ruin the software of your iDevice.

How to Activate your UDID number?

The only way to officially Activate your UDID number is by going to Apple’s developers page and registered as an iOS developer. Unfortunately nothing is free with Apple and you will have to pay $100 for a whole year registration.

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Activate your UDID number