Gevey Sim for iPhone 4

This might come as a shocker but Gevey Sim Inter-Poser for iPhone 4 is now officially illegal in the US and probably Europe . The news was shared by MuscleNerd , a part of the iPhone Dev Team which creates jailbreaks and unlocks .

Here is what Muscle Nerd said on a tweet;

So as long as you dial 112 and hang up , it’s illegal and your Sim Card along with your network account would be permanently banned if you are caught some-how using the sim inter-poser .

The good news for Gevey unlockers is that the Gevey sim for iPhone 4s is 100% legal , that’s because it doesn’t require you to call 112 .

So to avoid all this trouble ,  take out your gevey sim inter-poser and throw it in the bin and go to UltraSnow.EU for an Official IMEI Factory Unlock and the best part of it is that this is 100% legal and wouldn’t void your warranty.