Fix Error 13 code on Windows XP/Vista/7 during Restore

Error 13 code during Restore – When it appears?

As the title says Error 13 code pops up only during a restoration procedure and there are a few explanations about it.

  1. The first reason that Error 13 code may appear is when you are trying to install a beta firmware with iTunes to a windows machine. This is not acceptable by Apple, because developers need to have a Mac OS computer.
  2. The second reason is that there might be a problem with your USB connection, so further actions should be taken.
  3. The third and last reason, is that your iTunes version might be too old and there are some compatibility issues with the iOS version your are trying to install.

How to avoid and fix Error 13 code?

If you are a developer and you are trying to use a beta iOS version, then there is not much you can do. Either buy a Mac or try to use Virtual “means” from your Windows Machine, this is the only way to pass this issue with a beta iOS version for developers.

If this is not the case, then the next thing you should do to fix Error 13 code is to change the USB port of your computer. If this also fails, either you have a “bad” cable or something is wrong with the hardware of your iDevice.

Fixing Error 13 code – For Windows and for Mac machines

The last solution, which is the easiest one, is to download the latest iTunes version from Apple’s website, either for Windows or Mac. This will fix all the compatibility issues and eliminate the Error 13 code.

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Error 13 code solution

Error 13 code solution