Fix 2000 error code from Redsn0w

Why 2000 error code appears?

If you have tried to jailbreak an iDevice (most of the times an old one) you will definitely encountered an error code. This is a very common problem with jailbroken devices, because the code of those applications is constantly being updated to meet everybodys needs. For example certain iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS models had issues during the jailbreaking procedure, including 2000 error code, but the developers of Redsn0w manage to fix it with a patch. The majority of those errors like 2000 error code are being fixed with a patch from the developers or with a little tweaking!

How to fix 2000 error code ?

2000 error code usually comes up during a jailbreaking procedure or a restore of your iOS. After the appearance of 2000 error code any application that you are running will immediately close and a pop up window will appear with the 2000 error code issue. There are certain steps you should do before starting to panic, and honestly there is no reason to panic, because 2000 error code is only a software problem and it cannot harm the hardware of your device.

If the 2000 error code appeared during a jailbreak, try to restore your iDevice through iTunes and then try the jailbreak procedure from the beggining.

Sometimes it depends on the software you are using, if you are using Absinthe for the jailbreaking procedure and 2000 error code appears, try to use Redsn0w and vice versa.

If the problem still persists try to use a different computer and do the whole procedure from the beggining.

Do you still get the 2000 error code during the jailbreak?

The two final tips that will probably fix the 2000 error code are:

Restore your device as a “New Device” and do not do any downlad from iCloud back up. You can also skip the restoring part and just put your iDevice into DFU mode just before jailbreaking it.

Whenever we had a similar problem with the 2000 error code we were able to fix it with one of the above solutions.

Fix 2000 error code