Find IMSI Number – How to do it

Find IMSI Number SAM

Find IMSI Number – Why do I need to find it ?

In a previous article we analyzed how to unlock iPhone 4 with 4.11.08 baseband with the help of the Cydia’s SAM application (You can check this article by clicking HERE). To be able to use the SAM method to unlock your iPhone 4 requires from you to search and find IMSI number of your iPhone. Before finding it you must first learn what is the IMSI number and how it works.

Find IMSI Number – What is it ?

Before learning what IMSI number is ( and before starting to Find IMSI Number  ) you must first learn and understand a few other things. A very basic component of iPhone and for all its procedures is the SIM card (Subscriber Identification Module). The SIM card stores the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), ICCID (unique serial number), Security authentication and ciphering info, list of services available for the user, PIN (Personal identification number), PUK (personal unblocking code) and some info that is stored temporarily to your local network. Now we should learn how the whole proccess works to understand and find IMSI number . Your iPhone sends the IMSI number to your network while it is registering. IMSI number allows network hardware to recognize the subscriber. Instead of IMSI the iPhone sSometimes sends TMSI (Temporarily generated code for mobile subscriber identity).

Find IMSI Number – How do I recognise it ?

When you will try to find IMSI Number there is a big possibility to get comfuzed and instead of believing that you indeed Find IMSI Number you may found IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity, it’s 15-digit number unique for each device). In order to successfully Find IMSI Number you should know that is a 15-digit number and can be split into three group, MCC, MNC and MSIN. You can always check Ultrasnow.EU’s blog to be always up to date about IMSI – SAM method and unlocking. Click HERE to check them!

Find IMSI Number SAM


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