Facetune application – Review

Facetune application – Quick description

A very handy application that will transform your regular photos into perfect ones for your portraits. If you are still thinking where to put those portraits, then you really do not need this application. The most common reason that people use the Facetune application is to create great portraits and put them to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you are thinking why to use Facetune application instead of a different one (there are hundreds of similar applications), keep reading the article and learn its features!

Facetune application – Features

A lot of people call the Facetune application as the Photoshop for portraits. Facetune application has the power of photoshop but it remains extremely simple to use. It allows you to import any photo you want directly from your photo library, take a new one or start to test the application’s features with its demo portraits.

You will have access to a toolbar at the bottom of the screen with the following options: Crop, Whiten, Smooth, Details, Reshape, Patch, Tones, Red Eye, Defocus and Filters.

Crop can remove spaces you do not want from the photo. The reshape option will give you the ability to reshape certain areas with your fingers. With the Patch you can  do a clone stamp, whereas Tones allows you yo pick a color from the photo and apply it to somewhere else.

Facetune application – Explanation of the toolbar

Red Eye feature is a great feature, because you will not longer have to look like a deamon with red eyes to your photos! The next feature, Defocus, will allow you to blur backgrounds, so you can focus entirely on the subject.

Facetune application will cost you $1,99 which is very cheap for its power. If you need to create perfect portraits for your Social media accounts or for any other purposes, Facetune application is the ideal solution for you!

Review of Facetune application