FaceBook on iPhone 4 – How to use it ? Part 4

FaceBook on iPhone 4 – What did you learn at the previous Part and what will you learn now!


In our previous post (Part 3) we explained to you how to use the Facebook on iPhone 4 interface to Chat with your friends. If you have not read it please click HERE and learn how to chat with your friends and how to use the Settings menu of Facebook Chat. At this tutorial you will learn about FaceBook on iPhone 4 push notifications. What are those and that can we do with them.


FaceBook on iPhone 4 – What is a Push Notification and how can you use them ?


Just for your information (if you like the details behind a technology), Push Notification is a service created by Apple during the launch of iOS 3.0. It uses “Push Technology” through a constantly-open IP connection that forwards notifications from the servers of a third party application. Each notification has a maximum size of 256 bytes that is why is perfect for mobile phones. The steps are very clear and very easy to do (if you know where to find the appropriate icons of course!).


  • First you must install the Facebook on iPhone 4 application, which it supports Push Notifications. If you do not know how click HERE to learn how to download and install FaceBook on iPhone 4 application
  • Next you must tap the Setting Icon of your iPhone 4 (It is at the Home Screen of your iPhone)
  • In the Settings Menu you should see (If you correctly downloaded and installed FaceBook on iPhone 4 application) a Notifications menu.

FaceBook on iPhone 4 Cydia

  • Move the slider of the Notifications menu to ON and it should reveal the available applications that support Push Notifications (The FaceBook on iPhone 4 application). Choose the FaceBook on iPhone 4 application to turn on the Push Notifications for it


FaceBook on iPhone 4 – Will there be any newer Parts ?


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