FaceBook on iPhone 4 – How to use it ? Part 3

FaceBook on iPhone 4 – How to use FaceBook Chat on iPhone 4


In our previous post (Part 2) we covered the analyzation of FaceBook on iPhone 4 interface. If you missed it you can read it by clicking HERE!

Since FaceBook on iPhone 4 is a very popular application we will continue these parts with a tutorial of how to chat with your friends with FaceBook on iPhone 4 . This tutorial will include some simple steps and also some pictures to be more understandable to you.


FaceBook on iPhone 4 – Step By Step instructions to learn how to use FaceBook Chat


Below is the main interface of FaceBook on iPhone 4 application with all its icons! FaceBook on iPhone 4 cydia

  • The first step is to click (tap) on the Chat menu option in order to continue to use FaceBook Chat
  • At the next picture you will see the list of your friends (it will load your contact list) and at the right side of theirs names you will see a Green or Half-moon gray dot. This means that your friends are either online (and available to Chat) or idle (away from the computer OR left FaceBook open but not touched their account for some time).

FaceBook on iPhone 4 cydia

  • To Chat with a friend of yours you just click (tap) on the name of your friend and a different window will pop up (like the following).

FaceBook on iPhone 4 cydia

  • You can use the QWERTY keyboard to write anything you want to your friend and then you just click the SEND button. As you chat with your friends and send messages your iPhone will organize them at the top of your contact list. If you just simply return to the FaceBook on iPhone 4 chat friend list you can see all your current conversations with your friends.
  • If you want to turn OFF the FaceBook Chat it is a matter of two clicks, just go to your FaceBook chat contacts and click the GO OFFINE button in the upper right corner. Your screen should appear like the following picture.

FaceBook on iPhone 4 cydia

  • You can turn it on again by clicking the GO ONLINE button.
  • FaceBook on iPhone 4 has numerous of setting to configure but this will be explained to a different article


FaceBook on iPhone 4 – What Part 4 will include ?


At the next part we will explain how to enable iPhone Push Notifications. You can click HERE to read this article! Also click HERE to start the tutorial from the beggining (How to download FaceBook on iPhone 4 application). If you have any questions about this article or you faced some kind of a problem please contact us at zisischimba@gmail.com and you can also join Ultrasnow.EU and their specialized team will answer and solve any problem you may have with your iDevice. Click HERE to join Ultrasnow.EU!