FaceBook on iPhone 4 – How to use it ? Part 1

FaceBook on iPhone 4 – Where Can I get it ?


First of all you will have to download the FaceBook on iPhone 4 from iPhone App Store and install it to your iPhone. There are two ways to download and install an application to your iPhone. The first one is to browse through iTunes to find and download your application and the next one is to browse the Apple’s App Store directly and install them to your iPhone over the air.


FaceBook on iPhone 4 – Browse the App Store, download and install wirelessly FaceBook on iPhone 4


It is a very easy task to browse and pick applications to the App Store because it is a very straight-forwarding procedure.


  • Locate the App Store icon on your iPhone’s home screen and tap the App Store icon

Facebook on iphone 4 cydiaFacebook on iphone 4 cydia

  • By tapping the App Store icon, which you can see it at the top, it will take you to the App Store. The icons at the bottom of the screen you let you do various things such as, to select an application, search by category, see the top 25 applications, search and update any application you already have at your iPhone.

  • After choosing they way you want to browse the App Store (by tapping the appropriate icon) you will see a search bar OR a list of application, it depends what you have tapped!

  • When you find the FaceBook on iPhone 4 application tap on it and it will reveal you more information about the application. This is how the FaceBook on iPhone 4 icon looks like.

 Facebook on iphone 4 cydia

  • Below the information of the FaceBook on iPhone 4 application, the screenshot and the user ratings it will have a FREE button, that indicates that if you download this application it will cost you no money. As soon as you tap on the FREE button it will be transformed to an INSTALL button. By tapping it it will download and install the FaceBook on iPhone 4 application, it will then appear at your home screen and you can start using it!

FaceBook on iPhone 4 – What will be the theme of Part 2 ?

At FaceBook on iPhone 4 – Part 2 we will analyze the interface of the FaceBook on iPhone 4 to understand what each icon does. Click HERE to continue to the next Part! If you have any questions about this article or you faced some kind of a problem please contact us at zisischimba@gmail.com and you can also join Ultrasnow.EU and their specialized team will answer and solve any problem you may have with your iDevice. Click HERE to join Ultrasnow.EU!