Evasi0n Errors and Solutions during and after a Jailbreak

Most common Evasi0n Errors and Solutions

When Evasi0n was released, hundreds of thousand people jailbroke their iDevices, and since it was the first Evasi0n release, many Error Codes appeared. Evad3rs immediately took action when reports arrived to their e-mails, and all the Evasi0n error codes can be fixed now.

The first error code that appeared was that Cydia is slow, Cydia is not loading and Can’t add sources and packages. When Evasi0n was released, over one hundred thousand downloads were made within ten minutes, so you can image what was happening in Cydia (multiple downloads and installations from all those users). This is something that you cannot avoid, you will have to wait for a few minutes and then try using Cydia again.

Evasi0n tool can’t Detect iOS device error

This is the second most common error code of Evasi0n, and this is normally appears when you are trying to jailbreak an iDevice that is not supported from Evasi0n. If you are 100% sure that your device is supported by Evasi0n, the first reason that triggers this error code, is that you probably update your iDevice OTA (Over the Air). You need to restore your iDevice again via iTunes and not Wirelessly. This error code may appear if your USB port is damaged or the USB cable you are using is faulty.

Evasi0n fails during the Jailbreaking procedure

Before starting the jailbreaking procedure, you need to disable the Passcode Lock of your iDevice, and this is mainly the reason that Evasi0n fails while Jailbreaking your iDevice.

One more Evasi0n error is when it stucks during the Patching Kernel stage. The cause of that error is unknown, but Pod2g tweated the solution for it. Press and hold Power and Home button to force a reboot to your iDevice, and then re-try the jailbreaking procedure from step 1.

You can download the latest Evasi0n version from our Download Area and visit our Free jailbreaking tutorial for Evasi0n.

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Fix Evasi0n errors

Fix Evasi0n errors