Download the latest Redsn0w version

What is the latest Redsn0w version you can download?

Before informing you about the latest version of redsn0w and from where you can download it, you must first know whether you really need it or not. The first redsn0w versions were able to jailbreak the first iPhones and their iOS versions. Usually when an iOS is released by Apple, the hackers community are releasing after a few days their jailbreaking tool. Oftenly this jailbreaking tool can do a tethered jailbreak, but the updated version can definitely accomplish an untethered one.

What jailbreak is the best? The tethered or the untethered?

If you jailbreak your iDevice tetheredly you need to plug your device to your computer and get some help from redsn0w application in order to reboot it. This is not happening with the untethered jailbreak and this is why the majority of people want the untethered one. The only reason that people may choose the tethered jailbreak is because there is not an untethered one yet published. If you need to use applications from Cydia to your jailbroken device, then you need to make either a tethered or an untethered jailbreak immediately.

What are the benefits of the latest redsn0w version?

The latest redsn0w version is the 0.9.15b3 version and it  combines the features of all previous redsn0w versions. This means that it can jailbreak ANY iOS version except a few ones. It cannot jailbreak the iOS 6.x.x version to the devices that use A5 and A6 chips, and it only supports a tethered jailbreak for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS with iOS 6.x.x. You can download the Windows version HERE and the Mac version HERE.

In order to make possible a jailbreak for iOS 6.x.x version for all A5 and A6 chip devices the hackers community came up with a new jailbreaking tool, the Evasi0n. This tool can be found HERE and can jailbreak iOS 6.x.x to all devices!