Download iTunes 11.0.4 – Fix previous bugs for Windows and Mac

Download iTunes 11.0.4 – Latest iTunes version

All the iOS users should Download iTunes 11.0.4 if they want to fix all the previous annoying bugs that caused iTunes to quit unexpectedly during the syncing procedure. One more bug that you will fix if you Download iTunes 11.0.4 version, is the need of a user to constantly sign in to iTunes Store.

The previous version of iTunes, iTunes 11.0.3 version, brought many new features, such as MoniPlayer, an improved view of the songs and album and multiple discs support. Unfortunately, although this version had really good updates, it came with the above annoying bugs and Apple had to do something very quickly.

From where to Download iTunes 11.0.4 version?

You can Download iTunes 11.0.4 (or update it) through the Mac App Store’s software update feature, assuming that you own an Mac OS X, and even if you did not encounter all the above bugs, it is for the best to be always up to date with all your software and applications. If you have a Windows machine, then from iTunes you can go to Help -> Check for Updates and you will be able to upgrade and Download iTunes 11.0.4 version. There is also the good old fashioned way (which is what I do), to go in Apple’s website, locate and Download iTunes 11.0.4 version.

Download iTunes 11.0.4 – Shall we expect for a newer iTunes version anytime soon?

The option to Download iTunes 11.0.4 version is very fresh, so there is no reason for Apple to release a newer iTunes version yet. Of course if the users still encounter the same bugs as the previous one, I am sure that Apple will have to make a very deep research for the actuals reasons behind them.

For the moment, Apple has not announced any new iTunes features that want to implement in the future, but who knows, they always think of an idea that will make us happier!

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Download iTunes 11.0.4 version

Download iTunes 11.0.4 version