Cydia – Upgrade and Uninstall

Hey guys! So I had a chat with a member of UltraSnow.EU today requesting to jailbreak his iPhone 4. Here is the actual message:

imad  Thu, 6/8/12 05:23:30 pm

I have iphone 4 with firmware 4.3.3 baseband 4.10.1. How can I jailbreak it?

Since he is a member, I remotely jailbreak his iPhone 4 and the process went smoothly. After jailbreaking is done, I proceeded on teaching him how to download Applications using Cydia. He then asked me this question:

imad  Thu, 6/8/12 05:38:12 pm

Do I need to upgrade Cydia?

This question is the reason why I wrote this article. Cydia being the great app as it is, still need to be upgraded. It’s tough to remain as the number one app that is used by millions of people. Here’s how to do it:

How to upgrade / uninstall an application in Cydia



To upgrade / uninstall an application,


  1. Tap “Manage” and then “Packages”.
  2. Select the package you want to uninstall or upgrade.
  3. Tap “Modify” and then “Remove” to uninstall the application package. If an upgrade is available, Cydia will also show you with an “Upgrade” option. Just tap on to upgrade the application.


We download an app for a test run and it was all good. Imad was very pleased with his new iPhone and I was glad to have helped him with it. Another satisfied member of UltraSnow.EU!

Thank you all for always supporting UltraSnow.EU! For all of you who are not yet a member, we have a limited offer going on! Get it NOW before it’s gone!

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