Bluetooth File Transfer – Airblue Sharing application for iOS

Bluetooth Obex Filesharing for iOS

Airblue Sharing

by Ultrasnow.EU

What’s good about having your iDevice jailbroken is to unleash your iPhone/iPad/iTouch’s full potential. One of the things that stock iDevices lack is the ability to share files via Bluetooth.

But worry no more, there’s this application called Airblue Sharing that lets your iDevice share pictures, videos etc to other cellphones and other iDevices as well. This app also lets you send/receive files with or without Wi-Fi.

Features of the application includes:

  1. File transfer between your iDevice with Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, Windows, Mac, Linux and other iDevices.

  2. Ability to import files to your system library ( Photos, Music, Videos )

  3. You can also send/receive files from multiple devices, eliminating the need to wait for the transfer to finish.

  4. Bluetooth transfer speed up to 170 kb/s . A regular music or picture will take a few seconds.

  5. If you’re not on a wi-fi zone, Airblue will automatically enable wi-fi p2p to your devices (iOS to iOS)

  6. Automatically shutdowns the Bluetooth when file transfer is over to conserve battery.

  7. Zero configuration

  8. Sound notification whenever a transfer is finished. (sent/received)

  9. Send files from app supports “Open in…”

This application makes your jailbroken iDevice a sharing machine. It’s good to know that apps like these complete the missing puzzle pieces of a regular iDevice.

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