Absinthe Jailbreak 4s os6 Secret Revealed

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How Absinthe Jailbreak 4s os6 works

Absinthe Jailbreak works for a large variety of iOS devices, and is being touted as one of the easiest versions to install yet.  Absinthe Jailbreak 4s OS6 has been requested alot in many other blogs as it was release for iPhone 4s OS6.

Due to the upgrade in iPhone OS6 with the iPHone 4s, Absinthe Jailbreak 4s os6 will be a great help to those that are in need of having there iPhones to use. As this was release in September, many other are still still having difficulties getting it done. If you are one of those persons you can visit http://absinthejailbreak.com/untethered-jailbreak-ios-6-done-again/ for more information and updates on this solution of the Absinthe Jailbreak.

Updates and Bugs

As many people are looking to get up to date and in line with the new features and benefits of the newest Os for iPhone 4,4s the Absinthe Jailbreak 4s os6 can be use to Unlock all the tools or gadgets that you will need for everyday use. Although there are a few reported issues with other Jailbreak tools there has so far been no issue reported after using Absinthe Jailbreak 4s os6. So far Absinthe Jailbreak 4s os6 has been the most outstanding tool every released to Jailbreak iPhone 4,4s we should definitely be looking out for the Untethered version of this solution.


Although some persons are saying the Absinthe Jailbreak 4s os6 are not working with iPhone 4s others are perfectly getting it worked out. If you are such person who are not getting it worked out please refer to http://www.spiritjb.org/ there you will get much assistance in completing it.

What Can be done with Absinthe Jailbreak 4s os6?

As we all know iPhone will always be upgrading either OS, Baseband or even the sleek look of the models, and either way someone will need to unlock there phone or even make some sort of customization to it. But for those with iPhone 4,4s you can look to using the Absinthe Jailbreak 4s os6 and keep looking out for maybe the Absinthe Jailbreak 4s os7. 🙂 who knows new things are always in style.

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