4.11.08 Unlock On UltraSnow.EU Coming Soon?

Ever since the release of iOS 5, a lot of people who had no idea that their device was unlocked using either GEVEY or soft mods. Anyway, the point is, that a lot of people lost the ability to use their iPhone wherever they may be because of their basebands. If you are caught with a baseband 4.11.08, chances are 4.11.08 unlock services will take time before we see results.

4.11.08 Unlock On UltraSnow.EU will be only a matter of time

Since we get our information and apps when they come out, we cannot really say when the 4.11.08 unlock will come out. But once it is available on the internet, all of the people with this cursed baseband will finally break-free from their carriers and will get the opportunity to choose!

Honestly, that is one of the most important factors in using your iPhone — to get the best service possible. In the United States alone, there are only a few carriers offering the iPhone which is discouraging for others because it is not available in their area.

4.11.08 unlock UltraSnow.EU

As we always love to say, it will only be a matter of time. Apple thought there won’t be a jailbreak for the iOS 5 or their iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, but what happened? 4.11.08 unlock will come out soon. Who knows, it may be released next week, next month or even never. But all we have to know is that someone is working on it.

So what I can advise is to stick around on UltraSnow.EU to know more about the latest news about the world’s most smart phone — the iPhone!

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